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  1. A&P Service Center (hereafter called ‘Service Center’) reserves the right to charge/refuse to provide services to any products/accessories ('product') if: a) Unauthorized repairs or modifications have been carried out on the 'product'; b) The 'product' is damaged due to accident, abuse or misue, broken, neglect, water, fire or any other causes other than manufacture defect or normal wear and tear; c) Valid proof of purchase of the 'product' is not furnished.
  2. This maintenance quotation('MQ') must be produced upon delivery of the 'product'; otherwise, 'Service Center' reserves the right to refuse the collection and service of 'product'.
  3. 'Service Center' reserves the right to dispose the 'product' at its own discretion if the 'product' is not collected within 6 months from the date of 'product' received , this includes 'product' either under warranty or non-warranty; the service charge is paid or unpaid. Customer shall then has no rights against 'Service Center' in such event.
  4. All part(s) or component(s) being replaced shall become property of the 'Service Center' and will not return to customer even customer paid for the part(s) or component(s) replacement.
  5. 'Service Center' shall take no responsibility or liability to any loss or damages, directly or indirectly, to the customer or any person, firm, company and corporation from any delay in repair and maintenance or from any failure of the repaired 'product' whether such delay or failure arise from negligence, omission, default and/or any other act of the employee of the 'Service Center' from any other cause whatover.
  6. For all non-warranty or out of warranty repairs or express service, 'Service Center' will charge a minimum labour fee (depend on products). If replacement is necessary, separate quotation will be issued.
  7. Others service warranty terms are subject to the original manufacturer warranty terms and condition.
  8. Limited Warranty: For a period of 3-month (for the repaired part)
  9. Validity: Within 14 days from quotation date